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We are a Digital Marketing and Branding Agency located in Carmel, California. We've helped to create hundreds of websites, campaigns and brands over the years. Below is how we can work with you:

Digital Marketing

Let us help by being your full service digital marketing team. We believe businesses should focus on what they are good at, and leave the rest to an outsourced department. We will create your digital marketing campaigns. This includes websites, landing pages, SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (paid search and media buys), influencer marketing, CRO (conversion rate optimization), email marketing, and actionable analytics.


Branding is the first thing that your customers and clients notice and judge you by. Your visual marketing efforts are key to set the tone for your company and offering. Your imagery and video should be impeccable and align with your audience. Your message is the criteria by which people connect with you. We’ll make sure it speaks to them at the heart, where they make purchasing decisions. We understand human behavior. Let us help you build a powerful brand.

Our Services

We offer marketing strategy services that start with WHO you are and WHY you do what you do. This is the key to success online in the conscious world of today. We then grow your audience through digital marketing, social media strategy, website design, and facebook and google ads. Within our proven system of lifecycle marketing, we ATTRACT your ideal targeted customer, we then INFLUENCE them through creating a strong connection, and finally, we WOW them to build more referrals and sales. Below is the process of how we work with our clients.


We’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the years from Fortune 500 to some of the most prolific actors, musicians, authors, and speakers. As all small boutique agencies – we morphed to fit our client’s needs.

Here are some of the most notable companies we’ve worked with that we are super proud of:


Our Mission

We believe in the human spirit, the desire to connect, the need to be heard, and we believe that every business has a great message to share. Our services will help you get there – to be known – to make a difference.

We work hard and smart so you can get it all done on social and still have time for the other things in your business. With us as your partners, we will help you get there.

We are committed to getting you results that matter, and making the process fun and easy.

We truly love our fans and we invite you to become one today.

  • John Wayne is the best money you will spend on social branding and messaging. He showed us how to get truly aligned with our social message and what gets the most attention. It’s all very exciting.

    Andy Muller at Yamaha Motor USA
  • Discovering the world of Kohler has been a giant path for us on social and in digital media. Finding Social Experts and utilizing their expertise has led us to huge impact.

    Meri Kallil at Kohler
  • John and his team was all the buzz with Facebook marketing and we were glad to engage with his company Social Experts on several campaigns from social media to some contests we wanted to run.

    Terry Hickman at Hilton
  • We learned about Social Experts when John was the keynote in Vegas at the finance show. We took on updating all of our social marketing efforts to focus on Facebook and Instagram and with great success. We’re so glad we did.

    Darlene Button at Hyatt
  • We’re all about quality touch. Expanding this philosophy to digital was a step we loved to learn about and implement. Social Experts showed is the way.

    Jeff Cisson at Four Seasons
  • Social Experts was the team that we started with. John was pretty instrumental in creating the whole umbrella of our digital organization. If you want an inspiring human being with tech know-how, he’s your guy.

    Greg Gupton at ConAgra Brands
  • John is truly amazing at what he does. I know all of the social leaders and John Wayne is the most authentic expert. If you want to work with the best, you found him.

    Wendy Keller, Keller Media
  • John is my go-to online marketing guy. He has taken such great care of me. This frees me up to put all of my efforts into radio appearances, in-person speaking gigs, and the online programs he is helping me develop and market. And a TedX talk to boot. Thank you.

    Angela Winfield
  • I love this guy. He has helped stretch me and my business opportunity in leaps and bounds. I recommend him highly to all of my contacts.

    Victor Benoun
  • Social Experts is super aligned with the vision of entrepreneurs. John Wayne has made my Social Media presence just soar. I now have more loyal followers and more clients.

    Julie Santiago
  • I could not have asked for a faster response and ROI. Within a day during the holidays, Social Experts was on top of all my social accounts. My social leads went to 900+ newsletter subscribers, 900+ Twitter followers and 2,000+ Facebook fans in just a month. Sales more than doubled over the holidays.

    Merrideth Kalil, Spark Living
  • We brought John Wayne as a keynote to our annual conference last year. He was a entertaining, informational, and inspiring. Our members got the grasp of how the new frontier of social media can add to their bottom line and were extremely excited.

    Janelle Anderson, Wisconsin Papers
  • The American Association of Medical Assistants decided to work with Social Experts and are very happy with the partnership. We’ve developed a solid strategy, organizational processes, and we achieved 20,000+ Facebook fans in less than a year. In a time of recession and not knowing where to put marketing dollars – we made the right choice.

    Jean Lynch, AAMA
  • John is a real social expert. This guy is speaking at all of the events, and his team is working with a lot of associations. He brought the right amount of inspiration and consultation to the American Medical Association. I recommend him highly.

    Anne Smith, AMA

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