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About Social Experts

We are an Internet Marketing agency located in Carmel, California. We work mainly with authors, speakers and coaches. Below is how we work with our clients:

Social Branding

In the world of social, branding is the first thing that will make or break your image. Your presence is made by the impact of your visual marketing efforts. Your message is key to attract the audience that most connects with you – this will ensure your success. Let us help you build a powerful brand and website.

Lead Generation

We believe that entrepreneurs should focus on their strengths and seek partnership with the best for their other needs. We can lead your internet marketing generating landing pages and leads from ad campaigns while you focus on what you love to do. Let us help you – by creating your marketing message, ads and lead pages.

My Why in this world, is to ensure others get to achieve their most outrageous dreams. I can’t wait to meet you and help you get there!

John Wayne Zimmerman – Founder, Social Experts

Our Services

We offer impeccable marketing services such as building your brand and website creation. We grow your audience through marketing coaching, Facebook Ad management, landing page design, email marketing, and autoresponders. Within our proven system of lifecycle marketing, we ATTRACT your ideal targeted customer, we then SELL them through creating a strong connection, and finally, we WOW them to build even more referrals and sales. Below is the process of how we work with our clients.

Step 1. Your Big Why

We start with branding to help you to establish your true message – Your Big Why. This involves an exercise we give you to create your individual branding message. We can setup a photo shoot with you to ensure you look amazing. These images will be the basis of your Big Why images on your website, emails, ads and social posts for the next year. Next we can setup a Big Why video where you get to wax poetic about your message. This will be the core video that you promote strongly for the next year.

Step 2. Amazing Website and Lead Pages

Our next step is to create an amazing website for you with you within 1-month. The website will look beautiful, be branded with your unique logo, colors, and images/videos. We will highlight your programs/services/products and set them up to sell. We create your strategy and plan (this is paramount to your success to have this defined with measures each step of the way). Next, we will create lead pages in this same manner that focus on gathering leads with no distractions so the ads we run will convert.

Step 3. Lead Generation

We then focus on getting you leads. We do this through helping to coach you to create blogs, using tools to determine terms that are popular and how to utilize them efficiently. We run Facebook ads to drive traffic to your site and lead pages. We also have monthly calls, and weekly check-ins to ensure your needs are being met, and we are performing.










Our Mission

We believe in the human spirit, the desire to connect, the need to be heard, and we believe that every entrepreneur has a great message to share. Our programs will help you get there – to be known – to make a difference.

We work for entrepreneurs with families. We work hard and smart so you can get it all done on social and still have time for those you love. We believe a well-balanced life is one worth living. And whether they are your intimate family, close fiends or extended community – they deserve your attention and you deserve the time to enjoy them. With us as your partners, we will help you get there so you can live a life you love.

We are committed to getting you results that matter, and making the process fun and easy. Our biggest pleasure is to teach, so if you are here to learn, you are in the right place.

Watch for our videos, social posts, programs, and live events as we wax poetic on all things social. When possible, we will bring you Thought leaders to weigh in on the topics on the day that most impact and help you. Our blog subscribers will always get the inside scoop.

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Be warned that we are sometimes unconventional, rough around the edges, and definitely not always perfectly polished. Consider it, well, part of our charm. You, on occasion, will fall out of your chair, laugh so hard you pee yourself, or even gasp in amazement that we said something so brash. If you are uptight, or easily offended, you may not dig our occasional ludicrous but well intentioned antics.

We truly love our fans and we invite you to become one today.

  • Social Experts are the best money you will spend on social branding and messaging. They showed me how to get truly aligned with my message. And now I am on my path for the next 10 years. It’s very exciting.

    Alex Mandossian
  • Social Experts are truly amazing at what they do. I know all of the social leaders and they are the most authentic experts. If you want to work with the best, you found them.

    Wendy Keller
  • Social Experts are my go-to online marketing guys. They take such great care of me. This frees me up to put all of my efforts into radio appearances, in-person speaking gigs, and the online programs they are helping me develop and market.

    Angela Winfield
  • I love Social Experts. They have helped stretch me and my business opportunity in leaps and bounds. I recommend them highly to all of my contacts.

    Victor Benoun
  • I have been a successful Holistic Health Coach for almost a decade now. I did that by connecting with my local community. Now, with Social Experts, I am able to really connect with a worldwide community and my message gets seen by more people. I cannot tell you how fulfilled that makes me feel!

    Angelina DeWeese
  • Their passion for guiding coaches shows in their attentive, caring, and conscientious efforts. They used their brilliance to connect us to our audience, and they’ve helped us expand our presence. I am beyond grateful they are sharing their gifts and providing this priceless service to an industry that deserves more exposure. We are changing the world together!

    Jennifer Zlaket
  • Working with Social Experts has been a beautiful collaboration! The importance of deeply understanding our message was honored and fine tuned as if we had worked together for some time. The turn around, focus, integrity and attention is fabulous.

    Whitney Harris
  • Social Experts are super aligned with the vision of holistic-minded entrepreneurs. They really get it and have made my Social Media Presence just soar. I have more loyal followers and more clients. I love these guys!

    Julie Santiago
  • I could not have asked for a faster response and ROI. Within a day during the holidays, Social Experts were on top of all my social accounts. My social leads went to 900+ newsletter subscribers, 900+ Twitter followers and 2,000+ Facebook fans in just a month.

    Merrideth Kalil, Spark Living
  • We brought John Wayne as a keynote to our annual conference last year. He was a entertaining, informational, and inspiring. Our members got the grasp of how the new frontier of social media can add to their bottom line and were extremely excited.

    Janelle Anderson, Wisconsin Papers
  • The American Association of Medical Assistants decided to work with Social Experts and are very happy with the partnership. We’ve developed a solid strategy, organizational processes, and we achieved 12,000+ Facebook fans in less than a year. In a time of recession and not knowing where to put marketing dollars – we made the right choice.

    Jean Lynch, AAMA
  • Our fans on Facebook have more than doubled. Our monthly active users have quadrupled. And our page is seeing more activity than it ever has! Thank you, Social Experts for really adding value to our organization.

    Meaghan Trimyer, APNA

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