Are More Connections Better for Your Website?

Are More Connections Better for Your Website?

Everyone is involved in search engine marketing these days. Because there is so much crowding on the internet, it has become essential for websites to stand out as being unique. For this purpose, search engine marketing has proved to be a valuable tool. It provides a person with a set of strategies to ensure improved ranking of a website, which consequently results in more inflow of traffic.

There are many popular SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies, that focus on different areas. One such method is link building or connection building. In this method, many websites agree to refer to each other through their portals, of course with a view toward mutual benefit.

They might also adopt the method of client referral. This entails offering the website visitors certain additional information, which redirects them to one of the partner websites. The reason for such a practice is simple: search engines, after Google, have started placing heavy importance on websites being referred by other websites, and this is why a network of cross-referencing websites is always helpful.

Now the big question is ­– are more connections better? Should you go on building links until there are literally thousands of websites pointing toward your website? It would appear to be the rational route to follow, but things are not as easy as they seem. Here’s why:

  • While search engines like Google place a greater importance on websites that are linked, what really matters is how popular these referring websites themselves are. This is called the PageRank system of ranking, and was patented by Google.

In other simple terms, it gives more weight to websites that are referred from a few very popular websites, than to one that is referred from too many not so popular websites. And when you think about it, it makes sense too – it maintains the levels of quality over quantity, and ensures that the top websites displayed are really worth the users time.

  • Search engines are aware that there are many irregular practices going on in the market. Most of this are aimed at gaining favor with the search engine and exploiting the way the technology works. After all, there is big money involved in advertising. Which is why, there is provision to detect such practices and punish them.

For instance, a special part of the search engine algorithm is devoted to finding websites that are making too many links. At the same time, it also checks and ratio and nature of outgoing and incoming links. Any such websites found are immediately blacklisted from the search engine listings, making it the biggest loss for the website owner! Therefore, it is essential to be cautious and not get carried away by the apparent promises of infinite traffic and advertisement money.

Bottom line, more links are not always desirable. While you should definitely exchange links with a few good websites, in general you should be wary of overdoing it. Also, stick to the websites that are related to your working area, as this increases your credibility.

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