Are you professional enough?

Are you professional enough?

You know, we get asked a lot, “Do I need to hire a professional photographer or videographer to do my images and videos that I use on Social Media?”
The short answer is yes and no.

If you are an entrepreneur that is on a mission to succeed in your business, it is imperative that at some point, you get some professional images done of you and/or your product. In most cases though, YOU are the face of your brand, so at very least get some professional images made of yourself so you can maintain a professional image.

The same goes with video. There will be some point where you will want to deliver a message that is clear and powerful, and doing it on your smartphone just will not cut it. There are professional videographers who can light and frame you in a way that is incredibly flattering and highly professional. And, there are video editors that can use text and motion graphics in ways that will give your video a more energetic, highly dynamic look. In the end, you want to stand out and getting help from someone that is good at what they do is an imperative part of your growth. What do I mean by that? Well, when you treat yourself like someone who is valuable and professional, and worth it, you will begin to focus on those things that make you money, and hire out the things that you are not great at. And that is when things will click in your business. It is at this point that the stars will align, so will your financial success, because you are focusing on the right things, and not trying to figure out how to use software to edit your videos.

On the flip side of things, you do not always need to use professional images or videos, especially on social. People are so used to streaming imagery and video, that they do not expect perfection. It is in this case that the message is what is most important. If you deliver a great message, your fans will forgive you if you send them a video you shot on your smartphone in the middle of Target. If you just say, “I’m in Target but just thought of something I am excited to share,” they won’t think anything of it. The message here it to communicate and share, deliver your message, and do it often. Stop trying to be perfect, because nobody is perfect, and they will appreciate you being real, and feel more connected to you because of it. Same goes with still images. Next time you are in an exotic location, or doing something fun, share it. People will love to get a sneak peak into your life. It is this authentic sharing that will attract loyal and excited fans.

I’ll end this with a little bit of homework. Sit down with Facebook and look at the people you are most excited to follow. They may be celebrities in your field. Look at how they represent themselves and their brand. Do they use a lot of images and videos? Are they professional or “real” and do they effectively share their lives? Are you attracted to that? If so, replicate what they are doing. It is way easier to follow a proven formula than re-inventing the wheel.


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