Being Prepared

Being Prepared

Not being prepared sucks.

Let’s not even discuss how it makes you look to the outside world, let’s just focus on what it does to you.

I’m sitting here at the Denver Market Street Bus Station downtown. I got very little sleep last night as my son would wake up every hour with a singular scream, then go right back to sleep. Felt like I was in a war-zone. And here I sit, tired and sweaty from carrying all of my camping gear hurriedly from my hotel, in the general direction of where I was suppose to go. I had to ask directions from several people to point me to the right place. My heart was pounding because I didn’t want to miss my bus to the airport where I am to pick up my rental car that will whisk me away to tree-filled happiness.

Here lies the rub, my friend last night, in a text, told me to take the AF bus to the airport. He texted me the bus schedules, so I looked it up. The AF leaves at 8:29 and 9:07. Perfect, I will take the 9:07 and get there in time, right? NOPE! After barely making it here in time, I look up to realize that the 9:07 AF bus, was for downtown. I would have to wait till 9:37 if I want to go to the airport. That will put me a swift 1 hour behind, leaving me even more stressed and disappointed about how things are going.

How does this pertain to Social and running your small business?

Simple: being prepared rules! Not being prepared: SUCKS!

This little lesson pretty much applies to almost anything you do in your life, but I will apply it directly to social. When you are prepared in social, you will feel as cool as a cucumber. How do you get prepared you might ask? Follow these simple steps:

– Do your research. If you have been in business any length of time, you should know your audience. Sit down and prepare a page of talking points that will interest your audience. Thing of things that will add value to their lives.

– Apply those things of value to social posts. After you have created a list of social posts on these topics, schedule them in the Facebook Scheduler. Done.

– Pop open a cold one, or mix up a little martini and enjoy being prepared.

This being prepared thing will have you in constant contact with your audience. They will know you care, they will be thrilled with the value you are adding to their lives, and they will begin to trust that you are there to stay. Your people love hearing from you. Even if they don’t always engage with you, they are watching. Once they know you are the real deal, they will indeed engage. Offering value, true value, will get you to that point.

Hope this helps you find some peace and creates more space in your life to spend time with the ones you love.


p.s. Let us know what you think about this article. Do you like it? Can you relate? What will you do next?


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