You may be a SOLO-preneur, but don’t go it SOLO

Coach: one who instructs or trains. Most entrepreneurs think that the definition of a coach means, to instruct myself; train myself. Why not? I mean, as an entreprenuer you do everything else yourself, you are the ‘everything’ in your business. You are owner, CEO, COO, CFO, Brand Consultant, Web Guru, Sales, and Reception.

Given that entrepreneurs have all of that on their plate, why would they be crazy enough to take on anything else? One would believe that the definition of entrepreneur actually translates into “one who has a screw loose.” But the truth is, most entrepreneurs have a burning commitment to be great, to make a difference in the world, to provide for their families. Why else would anyone work so hard without knowing whether there will be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

Because you are that special person, with a huge commitment, I am going to let you in on a little secret that I have learned the hard way, and something that all successful people have in common. Successful entrepreneurs have a coach. Almost without fail, when you meet someone who is successful, they will tell you they did not get there on their own, and they have a coach that advises them. And, as they get more successful, they get better and better and more coaches. AND, they outsource the work that they don’t either enjoy or aren’t good at, and they leave it to other experts. This act alone elevates entrepreneurs to the next level.

So, to make it easy for you to take on shifting from a dedicated crazy person to dedicated entrepreneur that is ready for the next step, we have created a coaching session with a small price tag and big impact, called a Social Media Deep Dive session. We know that it might be challenging for you to give up some of the control, but this session is designed to make it easy for you. When you sign up for the session at a time that works for you, you give us your social addresses, and we do all the research that pinpoints what you are doing well, and what needs improvement. We show you how to create more raving fans and what it will take for you to shift to getting more fans that buy your product or service. All the research is done before you get to the call, and the call is only 2-3 hours of your precious time, designed as a laser coaching session with big impact.

More specifically, we analyze what you are currently doing well on social so that you can do more of it. We identify areas where your message is not aligned and share with you how to avoid these things. We help you identify your “social why” (your unique message) and dial it in so that you can attract massive amounts of your perfect customers easily.

Knowing your Social Why is the key to standing out in the social sphere.

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Maybe you still aren’t ready?

No problem, we still have plenty of information-packed webinars coming your way in the very near future. You can absorb as much of that information as you can and convert to a being a coached entrepreneur whenever you are ready!

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Get Aligned with your true purpose, quit wasting your time (and life!)

Looking at the title of this blog, you may conjure up thoughts of living on the mountain top with Buddhist monks, chanting and getting connected with your higher calling. And even though that may be more peaceful than your current life, this is not what I am referring to. Let me explain.

This past weekend, John and I got together to shoot some training videos we are doing as a gift to our amazing fans. There is SO MUCH time and energy that goes into writing copy for the scripts, creating a background that is aligned with our message, figuring out what to wear, managing the technical aspects of a video shoot and so on. So, by the time we began shooting, we had about a hundred hours or more of time already invested in the process. Talk about stress!

There were a lot of details to manage, and I was writing scripts until the moment we began shooting the first of three videos in the series. In fact, the third video’s script was choppy at best, and not totally finished. Keep in mind that we had a crew there for one full day only. After that, we were on our own. It wasn’t such a big deal because we own all the equipment needed to do the high end videos. But it makes a huge difference when you have help. If you are intuitive, or even slightly dense, you can still see where this is all going, can’t you?

After we completed shooting the first two training videos, we were so far behind schedule. At 7pm that night, we read the script for video three and decided to do a run through. About 5 minutes into this process, we realized that some major re-writes were necessary to do the video in the way that really expresses who we are and what we want to deliver to our fans. An executive decision had to be made. Did we want to write new copy on the spot and make the hungry crew wait? Or, wrap for the day and shoot the video tomorrow? We chose the latter. We enjoyed some amazing food, celebrated the first two videos being done, and got back to work later that evening.

Needless to say, we were pretty wiped at this point from all the energy that went into producing the first two videos. And keep in mind that there was a lot of work that went into preparing for this all week. Not much got done that night so we hit the hay, with the intention of starting bright and early and knocking it out, so we could move onto other important business.


So, that next day looked something like this. Had a good breakfast and sat down together to get started. We were tired, but excited to get the videos done. We felt pretty good that we were delivering a product that will make a difference for entrepreneurs that are family-oriented like us. It makes us happy to think that we are improving lives. Does that set the tone for how we felt? Well, fast forward EIGHT HOURS and imagine how we felt when I tell you we had accomplished essentially NOTHING. Well, that ‘s not totally true, we did write several versions of what we wanted to say on the third training video, but nothing was exactly right, or even close. And the mood…it was thick with frustration, confusion, and honestly with resentment. We both resented the fact that the day was slipping away and we wanted to be done so we could focus on something else. We were even starting to resent one another. Why?

I can sum up the “why” with one word: Alignment. No matter how hard we tried we couldn’t create copy that we were aligned with. What it looked like is that I was putting my head down trying to write the script, then often looking up and saying things like, “this isn’t right” or “I hate what we are doing here.” I couldn’t quite express what it was that I wanted to create, I just recognized it wasn’t right. And what was John doing while I expressed that I didn’t like it….he was resenting me! He just wanted to push through and get it done.

Understandably so, as I did too. Something had to happen or we’d say something to each other that was hard to take back. So, I suggested we leave for a short field trip to clear our heads. That field trip turned into about six hours, most of which we were still short with one another. Then something happened. We began talking about what our commitment was, and the difference we wanted to make in the lives of our fans. We discussed the things we have experienced, and our mentors who have really moved us in the past. And like a surge of adrenaline, the words began to flow that expressed our truest alignment and commitments. And, it wasn’t long before we had our script for the third training video. And when we shared it with someone we trust that is the epitome of our perfect customer, she was blown away and inspired. It was a good sign.

The message here is not about how to resolve disagreements among partners, or how to write good copy.

The message here is about alignment and being true to yourself.

It may have cost us a whole day, a day which was very valuable to us in terms of time to get things done. However, getting in alignment is the fastest path towards connecting with your audience and making the most difference. Instead of pushing through and getting it done because we were tired or frustrated, we held tight to getting it done the right away, in a way that makes our souls sing and rejoice. We did it in a way that made us proud to be doing the work that we do, and in a way that will make our families proud of us.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog, and we hope it will make a difference for you on the path that you are on. Hang in there, and be true to yourself, and know that whatever path you take to that alignment will be perfect!

Much love,


Building Your Social Media Brand Authentically

Today, I am going to talk about building your brand in social media. You want to expose yourself to the universe. You want to let yourself be seen by the people that are following you. Be fearless in sharing yourself and be authentic. Let people know what is important to you.

Watch this video to learn more about building your brand in social, and you get to learn a little more about me.


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Stop Using Facebook

This may come as a surprise to many, but I have strict rules about how much time I spend on Facebook and when. And when I am with my family, it is a definite no-no to be on my iPhone pecking away messages to my myriad of great friends that reside there in cyber-space. Why do I have these strict guidelines when it comes to Facebook, a resource that feeds my family’s financial well-being? Because, well, there is a point when Facebook can be destructive.

I was sitting in a very nice restaurant last night with my wife, it was date-night. We put one phone on the table, in case our son’s nanny needs to reach us, but we don’t touch it, we instead focus on each other, and decompressing from our exciting entrepreneurial days. As I begin to relax, I look around the packed restaurant. It was filled with two types of people. The first kind of person was relaxed, enjoying their meal and more importantly, enjoying the people they came with. The second kind of person was the disconnected, glazed-over eyed Facebook addict. At these tables, it was normal for both persons to be doing the same activity, as if they came to this restaurant to “feed” and “be with” others, but couldn’t resist being digitally connected. The characteristic that united each of these addicts, was that they appeared uneasy and weren’t smiling or enjoying their experience.

This gave me pause…

Will Facebook be the cause of a generational Social Disease? Will the next generation be labeled Generation Un-Social? Will families be united only by the mere fact that they live in the same household, but not really even “know” whom they reside with?

I’m not certain about this theory, but it certainly seems like an interesting study to me.


This exploration into the wall-building psyche of the average human being has led me to wonder, has Facebook done any good in the world?

Let’s take a look from my own experience. I have about 1700+ fans on my personal Facebook Page. They are a mixture of people I know well, people I have met along the way, and people I have shared interests with. They are people I have done work with, they are people I went to school with, and people I have gone to conferences with. Some are even people that have seen me or my wife speak at conferences.

I have been reunited with my best friend from Kindergarten whom I thought I would never talk to again. Then reunited again with my best friend from the 3rd to the 7th grade whom virtually disappeared from my life after my father joined the Army and we moved away. I was reunited with my first love, Erica, from the 9th grade, after there were rumors that she went off the deep end and ran away from home, and maybe even took her own life (all not true). I have been reunited with co-workers from my 4 years in the Air Force, with friends that I went to college with, and I stay in touch with them all. Perhaps the best re-connect was with my business partner and best Friend John Wayne Zimmerman. We were friends in High School when we lived in Stuttgart Germany, kicking up all kinds of trouble as teenagers that were let loose in a foreign country with lots of energy and testosterone. Realizing that we still had a lot in common when it comes to our business aspirations and family commitments, I joined forces with John to help transform his company eRocketFuel, into Social Experts.

Given that I have been reconnected with so many amazing people, I would make the case that Facebook actually HAS done a lot of good.

While we were arriving at our date night restaurant last night, my wife and I ran into an old and dear friend whom we hadn’t seen in over a year. She knew we were about to take a trip to San Diego, and told us that she had been following our every activity on Facebook for the past year. While I believe in the power of human connection, and face to face interaction, the mere fact that friends whom you don’t see for long periods of time are still emotionally connecting with you in the activities you are posting about, is a strong case for the assertion that Facebook might actually have us MORE CONNECTED than in any time in human history.

That is a strong assertion, I know. But think about it, if you consider that we now live in a more nomadic society, where it is not unusual to move from city to city for work, and to make friends from around the world due to your travels, Facebook allows us the opportunity to “peek” into each others lives and communicate through the power of Images and Videos. Grandmothers, and Grandfathers are able to be up to date on every activity of their beloved grandchildren, siblings are able to stay connected and not miss a beat, and with the addition of Facebook Chat and VIdeo, we are able to be “live” in each others living rooms. When in human history have we been able to “visit” virtually at any time day or night, with people from around the world?

It is nothing short of amazing.

Given that there are two sides to every coin, I choose to lean toward toward the notion that Facebook does more good in the world, than it does harm. I believe that human beings will find a way to be connected if they desire, and they will disconnect if they don’t feel like being present with the person that sits across from them. The key to good “Facebooking” is Balance.

As an entrepreneur, your time is valuable. Every hour is worth either money, or piece of mind. Choose wisely how you spend that time-collateral. Your livelihood depends on your ability to think critically about how much time you are willing to invest online, and how much time you need for other matters in your business. Use a Social Media Calendar to plan out your Social Campaigns, schedule out the times you are on social, maybe once in the morning, once in the afternoon for very specific amounts of time. Perhaps catch up with friends and family in your “off hours” after your business time is complete.

Use Facebook Marketing to effectively grow your business, and use Facebook socially to stay connected to those you care about. And if you need help with your Social Branding, don’t forget that Social Experts does Social Consulting to make sure you are aligned with your Social Message and we do Social Media Management for those of you whom are committed to focusing solely on your business and making more money doing what you are good at. Send us a message if you want to set up a quick “social exploration session.”

Much love to everyone, keep rocking in your businesses and enjoying the life you have created as an entrepreneur.

Jeremy DeWeese

Thrive and Be Done By Five Webinar Recording

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Social Marketing Challenge

You know, we are always excited to witness brilliance in our everyday experience. And when you see brilliance, the best thing you can do is “borrow it.” That’s why, when our friend Sarah Jenks created a 28 Day Live More, Weigh Less Challenge, we thought, “Holy Cow, We Love This!” The next thought was, “This would be an amazing way to do to teach entrepreneurs how to do Social Marketing!”

So, we set out to create a Social Marketing Challenge that would not only be educational but fun. Every day there is a new challenge that will give you an action that will forward your game on Social. And, the steps are not so difficult that you can’t do them in ten minutes.

We are currently on Day 8 of the Social Marketing Challenge, so if you haven’t joined in the fun, it is not too late to catch up! And, while we suggest you do all of these challenges to be most effective, you do have the option of doing on the challenges that appeal most to you.

So, join us by going to our Facebook Page at Social Experts and please share as you do each challenge so we know how things are going for you, and can contribute to you when you feel more “challenged” than having fun. Because, in the end, there should be a good balance of both so you can grow your Social Marketing Skills. Hope this is helpful, and as always, we love doing things that make your life easier!

Here are images from the posts we have done so far:

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Are you professional enough?

You know, we get asked a lot, “Do I need to hire a professional photographer or videographer to do my images and videos that I use on Social Media?”
The short answer is yes and no.

If you are an entrepreneur that is on a mission to succeed in your business, it is imperative that at some point, you get some professional images done of you and/or your product. In most cases though, YOU are the face of your brand, so at very least get some professional images made of yourself so you can maintain a professional image.

The same goes with video. There will be some point where you will want to deliver a message that is clear and powerful, and doing it on your smartphone just will not cut it. There are professional videographers who can light and frame you in a way that is incredibly flattering and highly professional. And, there are video editors that can use text and motion graphics in ways that will give your video a more energetic, highly dynamic look. In the end, you want to stand out and getting help from someone that is good at what they do is an imperative part of your growth. What do I mean by that? Well, when you treat yourself like someone who is valuable and professional, and worth it, you will begin to focus on those things that make you money, and hire out the things that you are not great at. And that is when things will click in your business. It is at this point that the stars will align, so will your financial success, because you are focusing on the right things, and not trying to figure out how to use software to edit your videos.

On the flip side of things, you do not always need to use professional images or videos, especially on social. People are so used to streaming imagery and video, that they do not expect perfection. It is in this case that the message is what is most important. If you deliver a great message, your fans will forgive you if you send them a video you shot on your smartphone in the middle of Target. If you just say, “I’m in Target but just thought of something I am excited to share,” they won’t think anything of it. The message here it to communicate and share, deliver your message, and do it often. Stop trying to be perfect, because nobody is perfect, and they will appreciate you being real, and feel more connected to you because of it. Same goes with still images. Next time you are in an exotic location, or doing something fun, share it. People will love to get a sneak peak into your life. It is this authentic sharing that will attract loyal and excited fans.

I’ll end this with a little bit of homework. Sit down with Facebook and look at the people you are most excited to follow. They may be celebrities in your field. Look at how they represent themselves and their brand. Do they use a lot of images and videos? Are they professional or “real” and do they effectively share their lives? Are you attracted to that? If so, replicate what they are doing. It is way easier to follow a proven formula than re-inventing the wheel.


Click this link: to take a look at some professional videos we just did for you. We have created a three-part video training series just for you, our fans, so that you can benefit from our mistakes, and from our wisdom when it comes to Facebook Marketing. In this series you will learn how to build a strong foundation on Facebook that builds raving fans, we will also show you how to use apps to build your list of followers, to be used inside and outside of Facebook. Then we will cover how to create a kick-ass brand presence that has you stand out from your competition, and also how to effectively create Facebook Ads that get you paid.

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You are the Only Master of Your Time

So, here is a little rundown for you on time.

There are 60 minutes in an hour, 1440 minutes in a day, 10,080 minutes in a week, 40,320 minutes in a month, and 483,840 minutes in a year. The clock is still running, but I have been on this earth for 19,088,640 minutes so far, adjusted for time zones. The question is, where did all those minutes go? I remember many stand-out moments but I surely do not have over 19 million memories that I can think of.

So, that leads me to think that there are a lot of wasted minutes out there unaccounted for.

If you are like me, every minute is valuable. With the birth of my son, Theodore, this reality has become even more evident. I want to be there for him for the many great events to come and I want to live a long, healthy life so he can turn to me when he needs me.

Because of this, I have had to think long and hard about how I structure my time. First things first, I work from home most days. We set it up so that we have a full time sitter watching Teddy in our home, so we can visit him as much as possible and get some good play-time in with him during our work-days. That is the good stuff.

Second, what that means is that the time I do spend working has to be powerpacked and I have to make the most of each minute I spend working, so I can go and focus on those other things that give me joy.

I am lucky, as my wife is a business coach and time/structure expert. She gets paid a lot of money to help entrepreneurs set up their lives and businesses in a way that has them succeed. So, by osmosis, I “get” a lot of what her clients are getting. I am like a sponge, I soak up tons of valuable stuff that comes out of her mouth.

For instance, did you know that the average entrepreneur wastes an ungodly amount of time in front of Facebook?

It’s good to know that I am not the only one. I may be a Social Expert and do this for a living, but I also get sucked in by all the fun stuff my friends are doing and can lose precious time in front of the great blue ocean of Facebook.

So, to solve this issue, you want to schedule the amount of time you spend on Facebook. Depending on how important you make it, you may want to check in 1-3 times a day, for a specific amount of time and then EXIT. Let’s say 10 minutes.

Again, schedule it based on your level of comfort and business needs. Keep an eye on the clock and get off when your time is done. Go focus on the next task. Be true to your schedule, and it will be good to you.

Make sure to schedule time for breaks and eating a good healthy lunch. If you starve yourself of this time or food, you will become less effective over time, and your health will suffer. Dead equals not effective, remember that.

I also suggest spending the first part of your day creating a plan and a vision for what your goals are and how you are going to reach them. Keeping present to those things will keep you on track.

Further, keep a money goal in mind when you are planning your day. Money tends to be a motivating factor for a lot of people. But even if it is not, it is still a gauge for how you are doing. The more value you offer to your clients, the more money will yield.

Hope this helps, keep rockin and lovin your life and family.


Being Prepared

Not being prepared sucks.

Let’s not even discuss how it makes you look to the outside world, let’s just focus on what it does to you.

I’m sitting here at the Denver Market Street Bus Station downtown. I got very little sleep last night as my son would wake up every hour with a singular scream, then go right back to sleep. Felt like I was in a war-zone. And here I sit, tired and sweaty from carrying all of my camping gear hurriedly from my hotel, in the general direction of where I was suppose to go. I had to ask directions from several people to point me to the right place. My heart was pounding because I didn’t want to miss my bus to the airport where I am to pick up my rental car that will whisk me away to tree-filled happiness.

Here lies the rub, my friend last night, in a text, told me to take the AF bus to the airport. He texted me the bus schedules, so I looked it up. The AF leaves at 8:29 and 9:07. Perfect, I will take the 9:07 and get there in time, right? NOPE! After barely making it here in time, I look up to realize that the 9:07 AF bus, was for downtown. I would have to wait till 9:37 if I want to go to the airport. That will put me a swift 1 hour behind, leaving me even more stressed and disappointed about how things are going.

How does this pertain to Social and running your small business?

Simple: being prepared rules! Not being prepared: SUCKS!

This little lesson pretty much applies to almost anything you do in your life, but I will apply it directly to social. When you are prepared in social, you will feel as cool as a cucumber. How do you get prepared you might ask? Follow these simple steps:

– Do your research. If you have been in business any length of time, you should know your audience. Sit down and prepare a page of talking points that will interest your audience. Thing of things that will add value to their lives.

– Apply those things of value to social posts. After you have created a list of social posts on these topics, schedule them in the Facebook Scheduler. Done.

– Pop open a cold one, or mix up a little martini and enjoy being prepared.

This being prepared thing will have you in constant contact with your audience. They will know you care, they will be thrilled with the value you are adding to their lives, and they will begin to trust that you are there to stay. Your people love hearing from you. Even if they don’t always engage with you, they are watching. Once they know you are the real deal, they will indeed engage. Offering value, true value, will get you to that point.

Hope this helps you find some peace and creates more space in your life to spend time with the ones you love.


p.s. Let us know what you think about this article. Do you like it? Can you relate? What will you do next?



What do you think of when you hear that word? Unplugged for me almost always makes me think of Eric Clapton in the 90’s when he played that guitar of his beautifully on MTV. But, I digress. What I am talking about when I say the word unplugged in this context is unplugging from social. Unplugging from social, email, phones, and your computer, period.

Does that idea make your heart beat harder? If so, you are the perfect candidate for an unplugged session. As an entrepreneur you work hard. You spend a lot of time in front of your computer and on your phone, and let’s face it, it can get pretty tiring.

Not only that, but it tends to fry your brain so that you are not 100% and as sharp as you are when you take a break from it all.

This past week, I spent a week in Sonoma. I took my Macbook, iPhone, and several other tech devices and when I arrived at my cottage surrounded by redwoods, I realized that I wouldn’t be needing any of these things. Not by choice exactly, it is simply that there was no cell service or internet available. All I could do was relax into it and enjoy the beauty of the place, and the hot tub on the back patio. When I looked up, all I could see were 200 foot high redwoods that were spectacular. That really brought it all into perspective. Plus, I was able to be completely present with my son, Theodore, the whole time. It was amazing! This time away from technology really cleared my brain too.

Sitting on a plane somewhere high above the Rockies right now, I feel so inspired to “Create.” I feel inspired to connect with you, and think of the many ways we can work to make a difference for you in your business and your life.

Thanks to this retreat from technology, I am rested and ready to attack our next project, a rich and robust Facebook Marketing Program, created specifically for the entrepreneur with a family. It will help you become ultra-successful at Facebook Marketing, all while saving you time and energy so you can focus on making more money, supporting your family, and creating extra time to spend with and enjoy them. I’m grateful for this “time off” because making a difference for you is more rewarding than you could know.

much love,


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