Are More Connections Better for Your Website?

Everyone is involved in search engine marketing these days. Because there is so much crowding on the internet, it has become essential for websites to stand out as being unique. For this purpose, search engine marketing has proved to be a valuable tool. It provides a person with a set of strategies to ensure improved ranking of a website, which consequently results in more inflow of traffic.

There are many popular SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies, that focus on different areas. One such method is link building or connection building. In this method, many websites agree to refer to each other through their portals, of course with a view toward mutual benefit.

They might also adopt the method of client referral. This entails offering the website visitors certain additional information, which redirects them to one of the partner websites. The reason for such a practice is simple: search engines, after Google, have started placing heavy importance on websites being referred by other websites, and this is why a network of cross-referencing websites is always helpful.

Now the big question is ­– are more connections better? Should you go on building links until there are literally thousands of websites pointing toward your website? It would appear to be the rational route to follow, but things are not as easy as they seem. Here’s why:

  • While search engines like Google place a greater importance on websites that are linked, what really matters is how popular these referring websites themselves are. This is called the PageRank system of ranking, and was patented by Google.

In other simple terms, it gives more weight to websites that are referred from a few very popular websites, than to one that is referred from too many not so popular websites. And when you think about it, it makes sense too – it maintains the levels of quality over quantity, and ensures that the top websites displayed are really worth the users time.

  • Search engines are aware that there are many irregular practices going on in the market. Most of this are aimed at gaining favor with the search engine and exploiting the way the technology works. After all, there is big money involved in advertising. Which is why, there is provision to detect such practices and punish them.

For instance, a special part of the search engine algorithm is devoted to finding websites that are making too many links. At the same time, it also checks and ratio and nature of outgoing and incoming links. Any such websites found are immediately blacklisted from the search engine listings, making it the biggest loss for the website owner! Therefore, it is essential to be cautious and not get carried away by the apparent promises of infinite traffic and advertisement money.

Bottom line, more links are not always desirable. While you should definitely exchange links with a few good websites, in general you should be wary of overdoing it. Also, stick to the websites that are related to your working area, as this increases your credibility.

Search Engine Marketing Strategies

If you own a website, you are naturally concerned about the amount of traffic it pulls. If the traffic is not that good, what are you supposed to do?

Consider for a moment how people get to know of a website – through search engines, of course! Yes, there are other avenues as well, but overall, it is only while searching for something that a person stumbles upon a website and later starts telling people about it. Therefore, it is important that you aim for a better search engine ranking.

So, how to go about doing this falls under searching engine marketing? Here are a few strategies to help you out:

  • Content – This is the very first basic of any good website. The content that goes on it, speaks to people on your behalf. It is imperative, therefore, for the first impression to be as good as possible.

The content on your website should be short and crisp, because when people visit a website, they don’t do so with an intention to read lengthy articles. At the same time, the writing should be compelling enough to make them feel that their time has been well utilized, and that some concrete solution to their problems is being offered; which is why you should hire only the best copywriters for your website, even if it costs you more than what you had planned.

  • Keywords – Keywords and key-phrases are what a user is expected to type in the search engine when looking for information. Therefore, in search engine marketing, we attempt to make good use of them. Specific keywords are to be used in the text, the header, the title, as well as in the meta tags. It is so because when your website is picked up and read by a search engine, it’s not only the text that gets read. If the keywords are used and included in the right places, it will receive a higher ranking.
  • Ads – The next thing to be done is participate in ads. Google Analytics is a wonderful system of earning through advertisements, and you can also participate in the keyword bidding process. This will make your website name appear in the search engine advertising when a related keyword is searched for. This ultimately has a huge impact on the amount traffic making its way to your website. You may also hire some professional to do this for you.

One final word of warning: keywords and text do not always gel well together. Consider, for instance, what would happen if you have to use the keyword ‘plumbing service’ ten times within 200 words – the text would read very awkward! Such practices are also not taken kindly by the search engines. So, it falls on you to strike a balance when it comes to creating keyword based writing.

Using search engine marketing, there is no limit to how popular you can make your website. Just keep following these practices and notice the gains in traffic to your website!

Opinions Mean Everything

When you were growing up, you probably heard someone say,

“Don’t worry about what other people think.”

Or at least, I heard this growing up in North Carolina. Maybe it was because I was a dork, who knows. I even hear it at personal development programs I attend every year for T. Harv Eker, Chet Holmes, Robert Kiyosaki, Blair Singer, Tony Robins…(great trainers and business coaches that I highly recommend)

And in that context – it’s right. People’s opinions are reflections of themselves and have nothing to do with you. But what about when it comes to your business? Does that change the dynamics? You bet it does.

When people voice out their opinions on the Internet – that’s your reputation on the line.

Do you monitor your reputation? Monthly, Weekly, Daily? If so, great, how are you addressing it? If not, why not, people love you and people hate you. It might be good to find out what they are talking about. And if there is no chatter – well, then your business is not really in business, is it?

Search Engine Survey Says

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is going to be HUGE in 2009. Why? Because SEO is the highest ROI marketing channel out there.

What is SEO?

SEO is getting your site to show up in search engines as top ranks naturally. It is a process of many steps that need to be addressed often in order to build a rank and maintain a rank. It is not a one-time solution that gets you a top rank forever.

Think of it as a marathon. You have to start with training – training – training. And ultimately the race.

The training of SEO is the setup – the plan – the dedicated team that will perform the steps necessary to drive traffic to your web site. The race is the implementation. It is ongoing if you want to stay on top.

The benefit. You win the race every time by being on the top page results in Google for your keyword phrases.  It’s a win-win for everyone.

What are the specifics of SEO?

25% – how you design/program your web site.

75% – the web sites that link to your web site.

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