Get Aligned with your true purpose, quit wasting your time (and life!)

Looking at the title of this blog, you may conjure up thoughts of living on the mountain top with Buddhist monks, chanting and getting connected with your higher calling. And even though that may be more peaceful than your current life, this is not what I am referring to. Let me explain.

This past weekend, John and I got together to shoot some training videos we are doing as a gift to our amazing fans. There is SO MUCH time and energy that goes into writing copy for the scripts, creating a background that is aligned with our message, figuring out what to wear, managing the technical aspects of a video shoot and so on. So, by the time we began shooting, we had about a hundred hours or more of time already invested in the process. Talk about stress!

There were a lot of details to manage, and I was writing scripts until the moment we began shooting the first of three videos in the series. In fact, the third video’s script was choppy at best, and not totally finished. Keep in mind that we had a crew there for one full day only. After that, we were on our own. It wasn’t such a big deal because we own all the equipment needed to do the high end videos. But it makes a huge difference when you have help. If you are intuitive, or even slightly dense, you can still see where this is all going, can’t you?

After we completed shooting the first two training videos, we were so far behind schedule. At 7pm that night, we read the script for video three and decided to do a run through. About 5 minutes into this process, we realized that some major re-writes were necessary to do the video in the way that really expresses who we are and what we want to deliver to our fans. An executive decision had to be made. Did we want to write new copy on the spot and make the hungry crew wait? Or, wrap for the day and shoot the video tomorrow? We chose the latter. We enjoyed some amazing food, celebrated the first two videos being done, and got back to work later that evening.

Needless to say, we were pretty wiped at this point from all the energy that went into producing the first two videos. And keep in mind that there was a lot of work that went into preparing for this all week. Not much got done that night so we hit the hay, with the intention of starting bright and early and knocking it out, so we could move onto other important business.


So, that next day looked something like this. Had a good breakfast and sat down together to get started. We were tired, but excited to get the videos done. We felt pretty good that we were delivering a product that will make a difference for entrepreneurs that are family-oriented like us. It makes us happy to think that we are improving lives. Does that set the tone for how we felt? Well, fast forward EIGHT HOURS and imagine how we felt when I tell you we had accomplished essentially NOTHING. Well, that ‘s not totally true, we did write several versions of what we wanted to say on the third training video, but nothing was exactly right, or even close. And the mood…it was thick with frustration, confusion, and honestly with resentment. We both resented the fact that the day was slipping away and we wanted to be done so we could focus on something else. We were even starting to resent one another. Why?

I can sum up the “why” with one word: Alignment. No matter how hard we tried we couldn’t create copy that we were aligned with. What it looked like is that I was putting my head down trying to write the script, then often looking up and saying things like, “this isn’t right” or “I hate what we are doing here.” I couldn’t quite express what it was that I wanted to create, I just recognized it wasn’t right. And what was John doing while I expressed that I didn’t like it….he was resenting me! He just wanted to push through and get it done.

Understandably so, as I did too. Something had to happen or we’d say something to each other that was hard to take back. So, I suggested we leave for a short field trip to clear our heads. That field trip turned into about six hours, most of which we were still short with one another. Then something happened. We began talking about what our commitment was, and the difference we wanted to make in the lives of our fans. We discussed the things we have experienced, and our mentors who have really moved us in the past. And like a surge of adrenaline, the words began to flow that expressed our truest alignment and commitments. And, it wasn’t long before we had our script for the third training video. And when we shared it with someone we trust that is the epitome of our perfect customer, she was blown away and inspired. It was a good sign.

The message here is not about how to resolve disagreements among partners, or how to write good copy.

The message here is about alignment and being true to yourself.

It may have cost us a whole day, a day which was very valuable to us in terms of time to get things done. However, getting in alignment is the fastest path towards connecting with your audience and making the most difference. Instead of pushing through and getting it done because we were tired or frustrated, we held tight to getting it done the right away, in a way that makes our souls sing and rejoice. We did it in a way that made us proud to be doing the work that we do, and in a way that will make our families proud of us.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog, and we hope it will make a difference for you on the path that you are on. Hang in there, and be true to yourself, and know that whatever path you take to that alignment will be perfect!

Much love,


Building Your Social Media Brand Authentically

Today, I am going to talk about building your brand in social media. You want to expose yourself to the universe. You want to let yourself be seen by the people that are following you. Be fearless in sharing yourself and be authentic. Let people know what is important to you.

Watch this video to learn more about building your brand in social, and you get to learn a little more about me.


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One little product (the joby grip) can change your business forever and free up your time

Doing Social Videos the Easiest and Fastest way possible, So you can focus on your family.

Here at Social Experts, we aren’t all about promoting the next coolest product, but we have found one that we think could help our fans maximize the amount of times they have with their families, and still reach their audience so they can sell more of their own products and services.

Having clicked my way through fifteen years as an advertising photographer, I have kept up with the emails I still get from the two major photo stores I purchase one. One is BH Photo & Video in New York, and the other is Calumet Photo in Chicago. Calumet is generally my go to source for cool products that make my life easier. A recent email came across my desktop that peaked my interest, because I knew it would help you, our fans.

Inevitably, at every conference or event that John and I speak at, we get asked about how to best do video for selling products and services, and promoting one’s business on social. People have told us that they will take six months to produce a video because they want it to be perfect.

Our response is almost always: STOP! Stop trying to get it perfect. Your audience does not care if your videos are perfect.

People are impressed with special effects and cool videos, but they no longer need them to be perfect. We are all inundated with information and videos these days, and all we care about, really, is getting the information that makes a difference for us. That is why you should go with the path of least resistance and shoot your videos the easiest possible way. It is the MESSAGE that is most important.

Now, I get to the product that peaked my interest: The Joby Grip Tight Phone Micro Stand for Smartphones. You can pick one up at Calumet Photo online.

joby-gripOne of the reasons this product is so cool, is because it is adjustable for multiple types of smartphones. Personally, I love the iPhone, but you can also use this with your Galaxy and pretty much any other smartphone.

This stand will hold your phone steady while you shoot your video, which is ultra important because you don’t want your viewer to get sea-sick while they watch you talk on camera.

Good Tip!

Two other important things to consider when you are shooting your videos this way. First, find a room with plenty of beautiful, wrap around light. You don’t want to shoot in direct sunlight, just find a room that has plenty of the good and golden stuff so people can see your face. Second, make sure that you speak up and clearly so that you get good sound. Most smartphones have decent quality sound receives so that people will hear you just fine. Keep within five feet of your phone and you should be fine.

Remember, people just want to receive your message. Don’t be perfect because nobody expects you to be. You are already amazing, just let us see your face more often!

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Successful Gadget and App start-ups that Emerged from SXSW 2012

Have you ever been to SXSW? It’s a killer party – uhm – very educational conference that happens every year in the Spring in Austin, Texas. There is an interactive and a film part of the event. The interactive brings in all the tech companies and especially all the social media crazies like eRocketFuel.


My friend over at Promotional codes made a great infogrphic of the cool happenings of SXSW. Check it out.



Kony 2012 – The Social Web Put to Greater Use

If you have not heard of the Kony 2012 video campaign from several weeks past that wants to bring a warlord to justice that has been kidnapping small children and forcing them into sex, violence, and killing sprees in Uganda, then I invite you to learn more by watching this 30-minute video.

There are counter stories all over the web that have attacked the charity organization behind this video (Invisible Children) and have tried to make the cause seem less than real.

The majority of criticism surrounds how the charity uses its funds to support the cause. Before I get into how they use their funds, let’s look at who they are – they are filmmakers that have found a cause worth supporting. They are using their skills a way they know how to make the greatest impact. They are not your typical charity.

So how are they using the money?

The money being raised does these things alone. (View their public financials)

Movie – 1/3 funds
Movement – 1/3 funds
Mission – 1/3 funds

So why the fuss if they disclaim what they are spending the money on. In contrast, other charity organizations spend more money on the mission itself. (Things like ground supplies, money to support the cause on location, and mission trips) And I get totally get the opposition’s point, people want to know that the money that they give is really helping a cause. The difference here is that the mission is different.

Invisible Children has done an incredible job exposing this horrible circumstance by using social media. Quite possibly one of the biggest known to date with over 75 million videos views on YouTube in just over a week. Wow. I gush with envy with the marketing outreach but it all makes sense – it’s a video that speaks truth and it comes from the heart.

Social Video is the New Pink

Social video is hot hot hot. Check out the stats below on what is hot, and why it is so hot. If you have not ventured into video marketing, now is the time. Get off your butt and do it now. You’d be surprised the amount of time, investment, and energy it really costs – but more so the return you can get from it.

Thanks to the folks at Jungroup for this awesome infographic. You guys rock.

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