Chicago Tribune Facebook Failure

Chicago Tribune Facebook Failure

I like to go out there and monitor how newspapers are using social media every week. I generally check out NY Times, Chicago Tribune, and WSJ. I’m partial to these because of their iPhone applications. And they deliver semi-relevant news for the most part to my particular needs.

A few days ago, the Chicago Tribune ran a contest for 2 free iPads. Woohoo. Everyone loves new technology gadgets. I entered of course and went back to check the winner on the day of the announcement.  That announcement is posted below.

Note: The comments are about the Tribune not posting a winner. It’s Friday now, 24 hours late.

The Score
Looks like they did pretty good getting over 4000 people to join.  Score for Tribune.
Looks like they failed to create loyal fans  on several accounts. Negative score for Tribune.

Social Media demands that businesses remain social and talk to their fans. When you don’t monitor and respond back to your fans, it’s like putting a client in an asylum. There is no sound. No replies. Just the client and their own voice.

Be prepared for the negative comments. They are coming.

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