Do you love your family? How much?

Do you love your family? How much?

I love my family, not out of obligation, or because I don’t have anyone else to love. I love my family because they contribute to a life that is filled with love, laughter and greatness.

The greatness part comes in because I feel incredibly supported and uplifted by them. I feel like, whatever I do, whether I fail or succeed, I will be loved in return. This freedom drives me. Because I have unconditional love, I try harder than ever to build a life where my family is so well taken care of, not only with material things, but with my time and attention. It is definitely a good life.


It wasn’t always that way. There was a time when I was driven, not by my love of family, but by my love of success. I was motivated by doing, and getting more. My bank account, and the things in my house were symbols of my success. My time, it was spent in pursuit of things that would support the idea in my head that I was successful. Then, my son Theodore was born a switch flipped. I realized that how I succeeded was up to me. That, I could have it all and be all that I wanted to be for my family. That I could make all the money I needed, have all the things that provided a great life for my family, and give my time freely, the way I wanted to, to my family. So, I set out to create a life like this and I have succeeded. It is success measured by my own happiness, and I love it.

My business partner, John Wayne has created the same in his life as well with his two girls Lucy and Eliza. They are little princesses and they light up his world. John even finds time to do triathlons and is more fit than ever. This is all a product of how we have structured our business and lives to have it all.

Because we have it all, we want to give back to those we love, our fans and customers. For you, we created a three part video training series that will help you take control of your business through Facebook Marketing, and do it all with time to spare, so you can be home in time for take-out with your family.In this series, we will help you lay the groundwork for true Facebook Marketing success. We will also share with you how to use Facebook Apps to build your list, so you can market to them on Facebook, and outside of Facebook. We will also cover how to create a kick-ass brand presence, how to use Facebook Insights to make more money, and how to maximize your use of Facebook Ads to generate more business.

There is about forty minutes of free training in these videos. Take the time to watch them, and bypass any mistakes you might make if you try to figure it out on your own. You will begin a journey of finding more time to spend with those you love, and do the things you are passionate about.

Our commitment is that you have access to all the tools you need to live a life you love. Thank you for allowing us to share with you in this small way. Please let us know if these videos are helpful, and other ways we might help you navigate Social Media Marketing.Much love,


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