1-800-Flowers on Facebook

1-800-Flowers on Facebook

Have you seen those annoying little applications on Facebook that ask you to send everyone you know an invite for their birthday updates? Is that for your purpose, or for the business behind the tool? Hmmm…. you bet your butt – it is not free without a purpose in mind.

Time to put on your marketing hats.

This is how businesses need to start thinking online. Enter the room: 1-800-Flowers.

The large floral retailer is embracing Facebook by utilizing the social media platform and have created their own app that reminds people to send gifts/flowers to their friends on their birthdays.

Let’s go a step further to encourage people to join your Facebook page. Give stuff away. Prizes. 10 fans each month get a free bouquet. Woohoo. I’m in. That will save on the flower cost to the wife.

How about engagement and interaction. Mention friends birthdays in the Birthday Shoutout application and be rewarded with coupons. Everybody loves coupons in this economy.

Hats off to 800-Flowers.

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