Take the Time to be Grateful, your business isn’t going anywhere

Take the Time to be Grateful, your business isn’t going anywhere

For those of you who do not know, I have spent 15 years as an advertising photography, creating photos mostly for Fortune 500 companies to help them sell their product or service. While I am fully invested in Social Experts now, I do still take on projects that either get me excited or move my heart.

Last week I took on one of those projects that truly moved my heart. I photographed pro-bono for a non-profit called Flashes of Hope. One of the missions of Flashes of Hope, besides funding research to fight pediactric cancer, is to provide these kids with the opportunity to leave their room where they are poked and prodded, and have a fun time on the set of an energy charged photo shoot, with them as the star! And, it gives the tired, overwhelmed, over-worried parents an opportunity to breath and be witness to the amazing smiles and laughter that seemingly give new life to their children, and themselves. For most, it is a rejuvenating process. For me, it was life-affirming.

Fifteen months ago, my wife and I gave birth to our first child, Theodore. He is everything we could have hoped for and more. He is a beautiful child, and full of life and love. He brings us joy every single day, regardless of our lost-sleep or any overwhelm we may encounter during the daily grind. He gives us purpose and he inspires us to create a better world for him.

The message I am offering today is this; your business will be there for you while you take the time to give love to your family. Even though it seems that our businesses might be fragile and ready to fall apart the moment we step away from the helm, it just isn’t so. You have worked so hard to create something that you are passionate about, something that is making a difference in some way for others, and you probably did it because you wanted to create a better life for yourself, and for your family.

For that reason alone, it is important that we step away from our beautiful creations (our businesses) from time to time to appreciate the “why.” Why do we do this every day, why do we give our energy and our time to our businesses? Look in your heart for what is true for you. Celebrate that very thing that inspires you, and breathe new life into your “why”.

Much love to all,


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