Higher Logic Taking Private Social Networking by Storm

Higher Logic Taking Private Social Networking by Storm

I had the opportunity recently to interview Angelika Lipkin, the Manager of Strategic Partnerships, for Higher Logic. (pictured on the left)

If you are not familiar with Higher Logic, they provide innovative professional social media and mobile applications for associations, non-profits and member-based organizations worldwide that are seeking to create conversation, share knowledge and build community. Their community software suite empowers member-based organizations to share best practices and collaborate—anytime, anywhere.

eRocketFuel partnered with Higher Logic last year to be able to offer our clients insight into the most incredible team of private social communities in the Association space.

John: What does your software really do?

Angelika: Through Higher Logic’s Connected Community software suite, organizations can promote vibrant and interactive member groups allowing for important idea and information exchanges. The purpose of Connected Community is to provide a platform that allows members to connect and think together. Members can blog about industry related news, use their peers as sounding boards through the Discussion Groups, network with other members that have similar specialties or job function, find a mentor, and share documents related to a project.

Have two minutes? See for yourself!

John: What is your juiciest benefit to Associations?

Angelika: Members can solve problems, get answers to questions, connect with peers and accomplish volunteer tasks. It opens a world of discussion and networking to members looking for conversations and interactions that are deeper and more robust. It engages members that were formerly unable or unwilling to participate and gets them excited to be part of a collaborative environment.

Higher Logic Testimonial 

“If you’re reading this, you probably already know that Higher Logic is a world-class private social networking platform. What you don’t know until you use them is that they have the marketing and communications tools, and implementation plan in place to make implementation with your audiences an incredibly smooth process. Their implementation team is second to none!”

Reggie Henry, CAE
Chief Information Officer, ASAE & The Center

John: Do you serve other markets outside of Associations?

Angelika: Yes, non-profits, trade organization, membership based organizations, franchises, and we’re exploring additional verticals.

John: How is what you offer different from social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn?

Angelika: We’ve put together this chart to try to help you visualize some of the differences between a private white labeled community and sites like LinkedIn groups, and your Facebook and Twitter website. One of the real differentiators that I want to highlight is the ability members will have to post and share documents with one another. This is a powerful feature of the community that would allow your members to build an incredible resource library that is searchable and sortable by members. Your members are able to search through your entire member directory to find industry peers to network with based on demographics – location, interests, specialties, job function. LinkedIn and Facebook can’t integrate with your Association Management Systems (AMS) and synch over all of your member and committee data. Higher Logic integrates with over 27 AMS’.

Lastly, why send the traffic back to Facebook and LinkedIn ? You want your members to be able to post messages to discussion groups, share documents, and blog within your community that is distinctively keeping your brand. Organizations should retain the documents being shared within their communities, committees, chapter, special interest groups, and sections within their community and maintain a knowledge repository. This also enhances SEO by allowing new members and non-members to search for keywords and have your community site listed in the search results. Your organization is then perceived as a respected thought leader within the industry and a go-to-resource.

John: Is this a tool that organizations can create a revenue stream from?

Angelika: Absolutely. Social media now has a market reach comparable to most popular web portals. Advertisers are turning to social media opportunities targeting relevant audiences with great success. For associations and not-for profits, social media offers many innovative options to generate a significant non-dues revenue stream by including advertising and sponsorship opportunities through the homepage, micro-sites , and Discussion Groups.

Advertisers will be able to engage with your members and create awareness for their products in targeted communities.

John: How many clients are using your software?

Angelika: 375 clients with over 20,000 communities worldwide.

John: How can we direct our audience to learn more or to see a demo of the Higher Logic community in action?

Angelika: Easy. Just email us at Sales@higherlogic.com

John: And who can they contact for more questions?

Angelika: Mark Lowry, Chief Revenue Officer at Mark@higherlogic.com

So, if you would like to learn more about Higher Logic, you can contact them through the information above, or check out their website at http://higherlogic.com.

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