How should I Market My Blog?

How should I Market My Blog?

There are so many blogs out there, and very few of them get noticed. Furthermore, even fewer are able to get paid! Yes, this is the sad truth about blogs, but perhaps it is fitting given the incredibly large number of blogs out there – it has to be difficult to pick a winner.

Blogs have a lot to do with the bloggers themselves – and while many do seem focused on writing quality blogs, they often go slow on the promotion bit- and we all know that a cause not promoted is a lost cause.

It’s time to get serious about your blog and learn the secrets the pros have been using for a long time now to market their blogs and earn from them. By being armed with nothing more than curiosity and the will to make it happen, you too can make your blog popular and well loved. So without further ado, here’s the how-to for blog marketing:

  • Respond – Being a successful blogger is all about building a reputation over time. The trick is to get noticed consistently over a long period of time, and the best way to do this is to go and participate on other people’s blogs. Read the ones that interest you, and make sure that you comment on the entries. Doing this for a long period of time will result in people recognizing you, and they will also be only too happy to follow your blog in return. Gradually, this will make your blog more popular and discussed.
  • Use social media – Social media is the powerful new phenomenon on the internet, and as a smart marketer, you should be making use of this facility. Create a profile on as many of these social websites as possible and then go about posting your blog links and creating a buzz about your blog. Once again, if you do this consistently, people will follow your blog and become regular readers.
  • Be creative – There is absolutely no reason why you should restrict yourself to conventional methods of marketing. There are infinite possibilities, and all you need to do is spot them and use them to your advantage. For instance, you can use LinkedIn to promote your blog. You can do this by mentioning your blog link in related community discussions. Over time, people will start visiting your blog if your posts have some value. You can then use link shortening tools to incite curiosity among the readers. This will keep them on the edge and make them search for any hidden information.

It is easy to see that these methods do not demand anything special from the marketer. On the other hand, in terms of long term popularity and advertising revenue, they have much to offer. Therefore, it is very critical that you stick to them, no matter how tough the going might seem for quite some time. Every success demands sacrifice, and long term success demands consistent sacrifice, so follow these rules and ride your way to success.

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