How to Expand your Twitter Network

How to Expand your Twitter Network

So, you have finally created an account on Twitter and are ready to market yourself or something else. This is all very good, but you are now faced with a common and widespread dilemma – how to go about marketing on Twitter.

One has to agree that while Twitter has one of the simplest registration processes, a person feels quite lost when the home page pops up. The best one does is search for some friends and start following them, but even that doesn’t seem to work after some time. This seems to be the story of an overwhelming number of Twitter users.

If you are caught in a similar problem, don’t worry, for we are here to guide you through this problem. Be rest assured that Twitter is, and will always be easy to use; it only calls for certain application of skill when it comes to creating a following.

Here’s how you go about expanding your network on Twitter:

  • Search and expand – When you first log in to Twitter, you see a search box on the top left corner. As mundane as it may seem, it is the very powerhouse that will build your network over time! Start off by searching for topics that interest you. You will come across many people who completely or partly share your interests.
  • Follow people – It is now time to follow these people on Twitter. Follow as many people as you like. From now on, this will add more valuable information to your feed page, and you will enjoy spending time on Twitter a lot more. The next important step is to comment on what you happen to like. Since these things are of your interest, this will lead to quality conversations taking place.
  • Create your own brand – Once you have enough people following you—and this will be decided by how ambitious you are—you can go ahead and start promoting whatever you want to. It is better, however, that the topic be somewhat relevant to the general feel of your profile, which will help people to make a smoother transition to your product or service.
  • Promote – Now that the stage is set, go ahead and promote your offering. Start talking about your products or services in your tweets and try to post link that take people to your blog, website, etc. Another very good idea is to have a Facebook page or community and link it with Twitter, thus giving rise to a synergy of feedback and information.

Do observe the following guidelines when posting on Twitter:

  • Make your tweets short and interesting.
  • Don’t post totally irrelevant stuff too often.
  • Be interested in other people’s work too; tweeting is not a one way street.
  • Keep looking up Twitter suggestions for people to follow.
  • Send direct messages to people you like to build up friendships.
  • Discover Twitter more and more –always stay updated.

As we said earlier, Twitter is a beautiful application and is also very easy to use. You can make the most of it by following the tips outlined above.

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