One little product (the joby grip) can change your business forever and free up your time

One little product (the joby grip) can change your business forever and free up your time

Doing Social Videos the Easiest and Fastest way possible, So you can focus on your family.

Here at Social Experts, we aren’t all about promoting the next coolest product, but we have found one that we think could help our fans maximize the amount of times they have with their families, and still reach their audience so they can sell more of their own products and services.

Having clicked my way through fifteen years as an advertising photographer, I have kept up with the emails I still get from the two major photo stores I purchase one. One is BH Photo & Video in New York, and the other is Calumet Photo in Chicago. Calumet is generally my go to source for cool products that make my life easier. A recent email came across my desktop that peaked my interest, because I knew it would help you, our fans.

Inevitably, at every conference or event that John and I speak at, we get asked about how to best do video for selling products and services, and promoting one’s business on social. People have told us that they will take six months to produce a video because they want it to be perfect.

Our response is almost always: STOP! Stop trying to get it perfect. Your audience does not care if your videos are perfect.

People are impressed with special effects and cool videos, but they no longer need them to be perfect. We are all inundated with information and videos these days, and all we care about, really, is getting the information that makes a difference for us. That is why you should go with the path of least resistance and shoot your videos the easiest possible way. It is the MESSAGE that is most important.

Now, I get to the product that peaked my interest: The Joby Grip Tight Phone Micro Stand for Smartphones. You can pick one up at Calumet Photo online.

joby-gripOne of the reasons this product is so cool, is because it is adjustable for multiple types of smartphones. Personally, I love the iPhone, but you can also use this with your Galaxy and pretty much any other smartphone.

This stand will hold your phone steady while you shoot your video, which is ultra important because you don’t want your viewer to get sea-sick while they watch you talk on camera.

Good Tip!

Two other important things to consider when you are shooting your videos this way. First, find a room with plenty of beautiful, wrap around light. You don’t want to shoot in direct sunlight, just find a room that has plenty of the good and golden stuff so people can see your face. Second, make sure that you speak up and clearly so that you get good sound. Most smartphones have decent quality sound receives so that people will hear you just fine. Keep within five feet of your phone and you should be fine.

Remember, people just want to receive your message. Don’t be perfect because nobody expects you to be. You are already amazing, just let us see your face more often!

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