Kony 2012 – The Social Web Put to Greater Use

Kony 2012 – The Social Web Put to Greater Use

If you have not heard of the Kony 2012 video campaign from several weeks past that wants to bring a warlord to justice that has been kidnapping small children and forcing them into sex, violence, and killing sprees in Uganda, then I invite you to learn more by watching this 30-minute video.

There are counter stories all over the web that have attacked the charity organization behind this video (Invisible Children) and have tried to make the cause seem less than real.

The majority of criticism surrounds how the charity uses its funds to support the cause. Before I get into how they use their funds, let’s look at who they are – they are filmmakers that have found a cause worth supporting. They are using their skills a way they know how to make the greatest impact. They are not your typical charity.

So how are they using the money?

The money being raised does these things alone. (View their public financials)

Movie – 1/3 funds
Movement – 1/3 funds
Mission – 1/3 funds

So why the fuss if they disclaim what they are spending the money on. In contrast, other charity organizations spend more money on the mission itself. (Things like ground supplies, money to support the cause on location, and mission trips) And I get totally get the opposition’s point, people want to know that the money that they give is really helping a cause. The difference here is that the mission is different.

Invisible Children has done an incredible job exposing this horrible circumstance by using social media. Quite possibly one of the biggest known to date with over 75 million videos views on YouTube in just over a week. Wow. I gush with envy with the marketing outreach but it all makes sense – it’s a video that speaks truth and it comes from the heart.

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