Light Your Members on Fire: People 2.0

Light Your Members on Fire: People 2.0

This past Monday, I facilitated a session at ASAE11 in St Louis called: Light Your Members on Fire: People 2.0 (SLIDESHARE)

Asae 2011 – Light Your Members on Fire

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We explored finding an association’s niche in social media but more importantly, how to talk to that niche. We then dove into developing and nuturing relationships by getting to know more about our audience – what makes them tick. The last exercise had the room of 100+ people sharing ideas on how they would light a member on fire to take action through a creative social media campaign.

Here are those ideas:

  • History – Photos and Stories
  • Early Bird Promos – Incentives
  • Related Links to connect people and training opportunities
  • Testimonials (text, videos, photos)
  • YouTube Video Testimonial contest (members vote for best)
  • Facebook/Twitter (most introductions to prospective members)
  • Magazine (Use Twitter to ask about specific article)
  • Facebook (Question everyone about something on our website)
  • Twitter (ReTweet Contest)
  • Competition (Students save the world – membership drive)
  • Contest (treasure hunt for info from your website)
  • Add a “passionate button” on your website instead of a LIKE button
  • Trivia contests (hints in weekly emails/posts
  • YouTube video on Facebook
  • Advocacy/ Hot Topics
  • Unhappy about what’s happening?
  • Turn it from a negative to an actionable idea
  • Make it fun – viral opportunity
  • Singing – come together on a common idea
  • Let members vote for best on YouTube (prize for winner)
  • Engage young people (encourage creativity)
  • Virtual orchestra (garage band)
  • Top 10 reasons to attend conference
  • Bloopers of videos at an awards event
  • Photo caption contest – post on Facebook
  • Send out baby onsies to members with new babies
  • Video interviews with speakers prior to conferences
  • Flashmob video clip contests
  • Prizes for recruiting new members
  • LinkedIn discussion board
  • Change profile picture to mkt campaign
  • Everyday posts united
  • Trivia giveaways
  • Subgroups in linkedin
  • Members of the week
  • Blog series

Which one are your favorite ideas?

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