Make it BIG with GoWalla

Make it BIG with GoWalla

Make it BIG with GoWalla

The best thing about social media is that newer and more creative ways of improving business performance keep coming up. Take the case of GoWalla, a new entry. If you haven’t already done it, you should give this wonderful service a try as soon as possible – it might turn around your business fortunes!

But before we start building castles in the air, some basic information about this service.

What is GoWalla?

For those who don’t know, GoWalla is a social networking service that integrates travel and geography. It has a database of famous places and registered businesses on its server, which can be accessed through a mobile application. The good thing is that it allows you to create your own tours and traverse the ones recommended by trusted names like National Geographic. Visit and see for yourself.

Monetizing through GoWalla

An obvious next question is: How do you go about generating money out of GoWalla. First of all, you need to be a registered business to show up on GoWalla. Once your business builds a certain presence, you can strike a deal with the company to present exclusive offers to the users. For instance, those who check-in at your business more than, say, 5 times a year, will get a special package or gift. If you have prepared your strategy well, this can catch up and go viral in no time.

There are other less-obvious ways also. GoWalla allows people to include their Facebook and Twitter networks into the application. This means that your business gets good promotion on those platforms as well. At the same time, this gets converted into real deals that bring in revenue for you.

Promoting your business at GoWalla

While monetization sounds good, promoting your business can be challenging at GoWalla. After all, when everyone is doing things the same way, you tend to get lost in the mix. Here’s what you can do to avoid oblivion:

  • Get a premier listing – Go for a premium check-in listing that shows your business in a more attractive manner. This will obviously bring in more people to you, who can be converted into customers.
  • Think up rewards – It is not enough to have a list of check-ins and tours; before long, everyone is going to have them. What you need to do is think of rewards and systems so that the people have extra fun while interacting with your business. You might have to give them a free drop-in gift, for example. Keep it simple.
  • Set up deals – If you find that there are already super-successful businesses on GoWalla that match what you do, go ahead and strike a deal with them. Another good idea is to partner with a complementary service; for instance, if you are a restaurant, you may partner up with a gift-shop and promote each other.

Tying it all up

At the end of the day, GoWalla is all about taking what the service offers you, and creating something extraordinary from there.


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