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Current Status
We’ve been preparing to launch ‘Facebook for the Modern Entrepreneur’ (FBME) for quite a while now, so the market really is ready and waiting for this product.


1. What it the FBME launch schedule?

9/25/13 – Preview Call
10/16/13 – Early Bird Deadline
10/30/13 – Program Begins
11/6/13 – Doors Close

2. How does this work?
You apply to be an affiliate of Social Experts. If approved, we will send you a confirmation and marketing materials to promote our programs. You will get a link to these resources and you will get reminder emails from us. This will include template emails, social media posts, and images/video.

You will also receive a unique registration link. When users click on your link, we record any transaction associated with that link so we can track your efforts. We use Infusionsoft to do this.

3. When will I be paid?
You will be paid 2 weeks after the Live program is over. Your rate will be 50% of what fee was charged.

4. How do you handle refunds from clients?
A client can receive a refund up to 20 days into the program. This fee will be deducted from your sales if refunded.

5. Is there a limit to how much I can sell.
No limit. Sell as much as you can.

6. Can I sign up and then get a discount as an affiliate?
Commissions cannot be made on products purchased with one’s own affiliate link.

If you have further questions, email us here.

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Social Experts has closed shop. Thank you for your business over the years. - John Wayne and the team

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