Riding the Facebook Wave

Riding the Facebook Wave

Until about a few years ago, many people devoted most of their time to watching television. The ‘90s and the turn of the century was the age of prime time viewing, but as the years flew by, so did the mediums of entertainment.

Though television still plays an important role in the entertainment field, the center stage has been taken over permanently by Facebook, a social networking website that doesn’t fail to surprise us with new and exciting developments.

Obviously, everyone has heard of Facebook, and there is a strong chance that you hold an account there, too. However, the point is: how can this powerful platform be used for the promotion of business products and services? Read on to find out how to go about marketing your products and services on Facebook:

  • Consistency – The fundamental concept behind Facebook is conversations. It should be stressed here that because of the dynamic nature of Facebook, what is hot right now is forgotten the very next hour. This is why you’d need to be regular with all the activities you do.
  • Start with fun – It is always better to start by offering people some fun activity or useful information before the business interests are revealed. So, when you start creating and promoting a community on Facebook, confine its activities to that of group building and total participation.
  • Getting serious – Once you have a significant user base, you can slowly start steering the community towards your products and services. For instance, if you provide good printing services, it would be better to build the community to bring together designers and publishers for some time, and then slowly reveal the quality and appeal of your own work.
  • Make use of everything – Don’t just confine yourself to posts- there’s audio, video, animations, games, and applications, which is indeed a lot you can make use of if you think out of the box. The good thing would be to stand out and make things look exciting, as well as unique.
  • Keep exploring – Facebook adds many features to the platform every day, making it possible for you to do the promotion in a better manner. For instance, you can make use of Facebook ads, a relatively inexpensive and effective method of getting noticed. You can also send group invites and share event details with many people at one time. All this helps in establishing your business presence online.
  • Link, link, link – If you have a supporting blog, link it to Facebook. If you have a website, link that too, and keep linking people and activities together. This works best when there are many subsystems working in tandem and feeding each other. Similarly, you should link to other communities that can help you in return. It’s all about staying ahead of the competition and outthinking them.

Facebook marketing is dynamic – it’s challenging, and it’s also a lot of fun. However, if you still don’t feel comfortable with it, you can always hire a good professional service and make use of their expertise to boost your business presence.

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