Social Marketing Challenge

Social Marketing Challenge

You know, we are always excited to witness brilliance in our everyday experience. And when you see brilliance, the best thing you can do is “borrow it.” That’s why, when our friend Sarah Jenks created a 28 Day Live More, Weigh Less Challenge, we thought, “Holy Cow, We Love This!” The next thought was, “This would be an amazing way to do to teach entrepreneurs how to do Social Marketing!”

So, we set out to create a Social Marketing Challenge that would not only be educational but fun. Every day there is a new challenge that will give you an action that will forward your game on Social. And, the steps are not so difficult that you can’t do them in ten minutes.

We are currently on Day 8 of the Social Marketing Challenge, so if you haven’t joined in the fun, it is not too late to catch up! And, while we suggest you do all of these challenges to be most effective, you do have the option of doing on the challenges that appeal most to you.

So, join us by going to our Facebook Page at Social Experts and please share as you do each challenge so we know how things are going for you, and can contribute to you when you feel more “challenged” than having fun. Because, in the end, there should be a good balance of both so you can grow your Social Marketing Skills. Hope this is helpful, and as always, we love doing things that make your life easier!

Here are images from the posts we have done so far:

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