Social Media World Wide Updates

Social Media World Wide Updates

In the past month, there have been quite a bit of changes in world wide web of social media.

Twitter grew up and found a business model. It’s called Advertising. Yes, we were very surprised. 🙂
Well, we knew that one was coming. So how are they going to do it – or should I say, how have they started?

They are selling ads on Promoted Tweets based on keywords. So let’s say Starbucks wants to blast out some ads on coffee refills over Father’s Day weekend. They give Twitter a stash of cash and then you, me, and our aunts and uncles will see Ads that appear Above and Below our Tweet Threads. Example below. Drink it up.

Twitter has also announced that they will offer commercial accounts sometime this year for “hardcore” Twitter users that want to have multiple accounts and detailed statistics. Sounds like a winner.

Facebook has nearly half a billion people.

And they’ll earn a cool billion dollars this year in advertising revenues.

The new deal’eo on Facebook is the LIKE feature. They took away Become a Fan and replaced it with I LIKE IT LIKE THAT. It’s okay. It works. The thought here is that more people will participate with a LIKE rather then give away their MOJO fan points because really, you can only be a fan of 500 things at most. Right? We’ll see how this plays out for all of us affected.

Community Pages were introduced this month as well. You’re probably saying, wait, isn’t that what Facebook is – a bunch of community pages? Well, yeah and … they’ve introduced community pages to give the “community’ fans power to control ‘topic’ pages. So let’s say you have a killer stamp collection and you start up “I Like Pretty Stamps”. Guess what, once you reach a large threshold, Facebook says, “Sorry John Zimmerman, we will now take away your page and give it to the world.” Yeah, it kind of blows. But really now people, who cares?

Focus on your business, and start groups and pages. And you will do well as long as you communicate with your peeps every week.

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