Twitter is a Golden Goose

Twitter is a Golden Goose

Last year, Twitter’s 50 million users posted 8 billion message onto Twitter. That’s a whole lot ot tweet’n going on. So with so many messages out there, how does one find out the value of each tweet?

Well, it depends on who you are, and what value you deliver to the market. is an advertising matchmaking company that allows Twitter users to sign up and sell their Twitter status. Then advertisers can view whose Twitter page they want to advertise on.

What’s the going rate for a Tweet these days? The price you can charge is first calculated through an influencer algorithm that has written. Kim Kardashian with almost 3 million Twitter followers gets $10,000 per Tweet, while Guy Kawasaki pockets $900 per Tweet per his 200,000 fans. We signed up for kicks and giggles and our rate came to $89 per Tweet for our 24,000 followers.

So keep Tweet’n and grow those followers if you want to add a new revenue stream of selling your Tweets.

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