Social Media & the Subconscious Mind

Social Media & the Subconscious Mind

So it’s Saturday and I’m on a United Flight to Vegas somewhere over the dusty wastelands of the American West. I’m heading out there to lead a training workshop for the Modular Building Institute. It’s times like this that my mind just races about all the things I need to do, have to do, want to do, don’t want to do, could do, need to do…. It’s called subconscious explosion.

I’m thinking about the big projects going on next week. The webinars. The video interviews. The eRocket TV show that is in beta. The eRocket Learning Center that is being developed for this Fall. I’m also thinking all the social networking I could be doing right now.

Social Media is a drug.

It’s times like this that I need a fix of Facebook. Or maybe snort a line of Twitter or smoke a WordPress Blog or two. Why, to get my thoughts out there. Clear my head. Relax man. Think about that a little bit – we all have minds that work like this.

What a better way to get the good and bad stuff out of your head than to put it in cyberspace. Choose your poison. There are thousands of sites out there for your pleasure.

Facebook – Connect to some peers to get some nostalgia. Can you believe an old high school girlfriend found me on Facebook? I never thought I’d hear from her again. Such crazy lives we lead 15 years after the Wonder Years. Little does she know, she’s going to network me into her conglomerate company for a sales call.

Twitter – Ah, a refreshing 140 character line. The thought of just rambling on brings a delight to the senses. Is anyone reading my ramblings? Are they paying attention? Good thing we developed to see if they are taking action. I got 47 clicks and 13 registrations off of people I have never met in person to attend an eRockeFuel webinar that I did last week on SEO.

WordPress – Well, this is the blog to get it all out in the open. And just writing my ramblings make me think of other topical blogs I can write later. Social media is much more than a networking platform. It’s a cheap form of therapy.

So tell me about your father? Was he hard on your growing up?

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