Using Quora to Build Your Business

Using Quora to Build Your Business

One of the latest entrants in the social media market is the Q&A service called Quora. While a Q&A service may sound b-o-r-i-n-g, you have to see it to believe it. Already, Quora is scaling the ranking graphs and emerging as the top destination for those who love to understand by asking and answering questions.

Quora is being hailed as the greatest innovation in the last ten years(coma say wha?), and given the concept, it has to be. People love to answer questions on topics they consider themselves well versed with. Why? Because it makes them feel important and in essence – they become experts. The bottom line is that Quora is becoming viral very fast, and if you are a business owner looking for novel ways of promotion, here’s your golden chance!

The Quora Ecosystem
Quora is a knowledge base with a participative angle. This means that questions from all fields and interests are thrown in and answered. The complexity is mind boggling. Countless people are creating, answering and voting for or against questions every moment. Unless you narrow down your interests, it can all look wildly chaotic and even futile!

Tips for promoting your business
Okay, there is method in this madness, after all. Just make sure that you follow the given tips, and things should be on track:

  • Develop new ideas: With so many questions being discussed, it is natural that people will gravitate toward the most interesting ones. So, it would be good to avoid the beaten track and let your creativity really soar. Alternatively, if you find that an unusual question has been left unanswered, it is your chance to score!
  • Approach gently: You can start by following people whose questions you happen to like on a consistent basis. If you do it for long enough, your efforts are bound to be noticed. When the other person also shows interest in your answers, it is the right time to open the conversation a bit more and get introduced. Give it some time; you’ll be surprised at how many great friends you can make this way. But please do not overdo it at any cost: the last thing you want on a powerful platform like Quora is to have people come after you, irritated with your sales pitch!
  • Be interesting: Do you want to interact with a person who is bored with his life and writes drab monologues as answers? Run-of-the-mill stuff is banned on Quora. Put on your thinking hats, and while you are at it, it may do well to dig out those books on conversation skills and language composition. Yes, it’s hard work, but every huge gain requires some work.

As a final word of advice, go slow on yourself. Remember, promotion works best when done indirectly. Harping about yourself is going to lead to one place only, out of the community. Begin by talking about what the other person likes, and very soon, you will end up doing effortlessly what you wanted all along.

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