What the Heck is Twitter?

What the Heck is Twitter?

I teach people all about social networking every week. It’s a huge part of the marketing mix these days. When I bring up Twitter, I always get a lot of funny faces.

“What the heck is Twitter?”

For the people that have heard of Twitter, they generally have a conception that it is a waste of time with just random posts being sent into the ether. I was not sure where people were getting this idea, so I decided to read up on the latest gossip from Business Week, Wall Street Journal, New York Times – ya know, the rag magazines. I jest being a former journalist.

But here is what I found. This is a video of what people think Twitter is about. Get ready to gather your co-workers around, but keep the giggles down. Because the laughter is about to get loud.

Now that you had a good laugh, what about those that really want to know what Twitter is about. Well, I did a few other searches to find you a video as well. This is more inline with what Twitter really is all about – at least for the common user.

Now that you have a sense of what Twitter is and what Twitter is not, learn how to apply it in a business environment. Check out our free webinars, and our more in-depth Boot Camps.

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